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Impact Health and Wellness, Incorporated

Every Life is

Worth Saving

We offer free 30-minute consultations. For more information about our services, please call us or send a message via email. Schedule an appointment today!


Providing Personalized Care to
Those Who Need It 

Help each other get back on their feet by applying for individualized personal care for your struggling loved ones. Here at Impact Health & Wellness, Inc, we provide various care services for adults in Charlotte, North Carolina.

From treating mental illness and substance abuse to taking care of seniors and people with disabilities, our team is always driven by the passion for providing support for these individuals. We take pride in being in this business for over 20 years.

Healthy Living Education

Care Services for the

Elderly and the Disabled

Behavioral and Mental Health Living Case Management Care

Our Mission

Impact Health & Wellness, Inc. (IHW)

Mission Goal and Vision

(IHW) MISSION is to identify, assist, re-educate families, and individuals to acknowledge inequity issues due to being at risk for homelessness and racism. Addressing behavior and mental health, case care management, PTSD, and person-centered care needs.

The healthy living GOAL is to target populations on living with chronic illness and current diabetes care for healthier lifestyles while increasing the quality of life in all areas of life. 

(IHW) VISION is to see more African American families and other individuals, families of color live in productive societies practicing our cultures the same as others receiving equal opportunities. Training in professional and personal development actions for individuals and families to prosper in robust environments to suppress our current atmosphere of historic systemic racism.

Inclusion and Diversity driven organization

About Our Founder​

Benita J Mason, MBA-MHA, QMHP, NCALA, Consultant, Professional Speaker, Writer (TBA)

Born in Baltimore, Md, and presently residing in Charlotte, NC. Mrs. Benita Mason has a depth of expertise in educating and assisting adults, seniors, and veterans in living their best life. Her avenue has allowed her more than 20 years of experience inclusive of administrative duties, case management care, housing services, healthcare wellness, and business consulting in both the private and public sectors. Currently, she holds licensure with the State of North Carolina as an Assisted Living Administrator.

Ms. Mason’s wealth of knowledge was earned from attending the North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC where she earned a BA in public administration. She also studied at the Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, NC, and earned a dual master’s degree in both business and healthcare administration (MBA-MHA) to include studying socialized and business healthcare abroad.

Ms. Mason is also a qualified mental health professional (QMHP) case manager. She is certified in intensive in-home therapy (IIH) and is a certified lay health educator in living with chronic illness and living healthy with diabetes.

Her speaking engagements encompass facilitating changes in the community and private sector services to support initiatives surrounding health care wellness, aging, and housing services. She speaks directly to organizational operations, financial and quality objectives, and all that relates to an organization’s wellness development, growth, and resources.

She strives to continue widening her advocacy for the health of the aging population by planning future speaking endeavors revolving around rural health care, overcoming social determinants, and addressing health disparities.

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